Move The Sofa

Last year I went to an event held by Sister Terika Haynes of Beauties and The Brands. During this event I was inspired to create the vision board you see attached. The only thing is, I didn't create the board at the event. I actually got frustrated and left the event before it was over. Later I pulled myself together and created my board.

You see all of my life I have always taken care of other people and their needs, never really giving any thought to my own. Since I was a child I took care of my brothers and my sister. As an adult I took care of my husband, our children, and now our grandchildren, and countless other people without regret. I had never really given any thought to what my own goals and dreams were.

My husband even asked me one time if I had any goals for my life and I told him, "no never thought about it". "And, actually, I have never had the time to think about it." I was afraid to think about it because the possibility seemed unreachable. There wasn't any time in my life for Me! Or at least that is what I thought.

But all of this made me begin to think, and so I went to Sister Terika's event. Then I went to an event hosted by Sister Anne Pierre with Works by Dina. For the longest I had always wanted to write a book that would inspire others to love Christ and overcome their adversities. A book that demonstrates that no matter what life throws at you you can heal.

Well as excited as I was to get started on these dreams of mine; I got even more frustrated. I could never find my quite place to write and my thoughts left me altogether. I couldn't figure out how to get started on the other things that were on my vision board and this just made me feel worse. I took my vision board off of my wall and folded it up and throw it behind my sofa.

Then my world started to turn upside down and everything that could go wrong started going wrong. My mother -in-law passed, this COVID19 shook us all up, and then I got upset with some people very close to me. And from there all of my visions were kicked to the curb all over again. I went back to ministering to everybody else and forgetting about me.

You see I love preaching and teaching God's word. There is just something about watching His word come alive in the lives of others that excites me. The joy of seeing someone else receive their deliverance, the joy of studying His word and having it come alive to me and then giving it to someone else. I also love to cook, and I want to right not just one book but a few books. No matter how hectic my life can be, I still love my life. And Christ has taught me to love and forgive myself.

I was cleaning our home a couple of days ago and I moved my sofa. There starring me in my face, were my dreams and visions. I almost throw the vision board in the trash but I didn't. I picked it up and dusted it off and added a couple of pictures to it along with something that Christ reminded me of; "You shall have what you say". If I continue in my faith and trust Him to work through me, I can command my mountains to move and have whatsoever I say.

I worked the wrinkles out of my board and added this scripture and am preparing to hang my board back over my desk. I will accomplish my goals and see my vision come to past one step at a time. I will get that minister's license, open that restaurant, write that book, and move forward with "Know Your Worth Ministries". These visions shall not die but live! Get your dreams out of that hiding place and push forward because we can and Shall do this and have what we say.

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