Just That Kinda Gal

Do you sometimes find yourself asking these questions: who am I? Why am I here? Why have I suffered? And, what is my purpose? I have asked myself these questions and one day while these thoughts plagued my mind I remembered; as a young girl in middle school I used to write poems. so, it was during one of those days when I was thinking about this that God laid these words upon my heart and took me back down memory lane.

I have been called Rudy, Mama George, Sister George, Lady George, and even dada by my brother with whom I love greatly. But simply put, I am Ruthenia, your average ordinary kinda gal.

I listen to everything from TobyMac to Lecrae to Shirley Caesar to Mahalia Jackson all the way to Papa San; Chris Tomlin and yes even The Detty Sisters (a couple of 10 yr old who glorify Jesus Christ). If it glorifies Jesus Christ Iʼm all in, because, Iʼm just that kind of gal.

I could be hood and pull a pistol or I can be classy; I can be as intelligent as Einstein or dumb as a rock. I can be like Deborah and Mary Magdalene all at the same time. I can be loud and bold or quiet and humble as a church mouse; Iʼm just that kind a gal.

My momma is white and my pappy is black but all of my life people have just assumed Iʼm Puerto Rican (however I am a boricua at heart) Iʼm all mixed up. Growing up I was too black for the white folks and to white for the black folks and it taught me to fit in where I could get in Iʼm just that kind of gal.

I have learned in this life that I am most valuable to Jesus Christ and I can be all of these things without sacrificing my salvation nor my integrity because He made me just that kind of gal.

I am a 48-year-old wife, mother of five, grandmother of many (oh Iʼd say right now there are 20); and I have learned to take who I am and become a mentor to all. I have learned to become all things to all men that I might reach some; Iʼm just that kind of gal.

Iʼm simple but yet complex when you think Iʼm coming one way Iʼm actually coming the other. Love me or leave me; take me but my life is proof that it wonʼt break me. I am that been there done that kinda woman whose hurts have turned into a passion to heal others because, I'm just that kinda of gal.

I have been loved, I have been hated; I have been abused, I have been broken. I am loved and I am healed and Iʼve learned that in this life together we can make it. So, come a little closer dig a little deeper letʼs become friends so that I can show you Jesus Christ is my keeper and He has created, just that kinda gal.

The kinda gal that understands that, my past is my purpose, my past is who I was but has also made me who I am. Just the kinda gal that can tell someone how powerful Jesus Christ is. How He can take what was broken and make it beautiful. Because, I'm just that kinda gal.

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